October 2017 - Pony Rustler

Release notes for the October 2017 "Pony Rustler" update to Qmora. 

Mark a load as a "pre-load"

In working towards a pre-load management feature, we've added the ability to make a load as a pre-load, and which yard the pre-load is coming from. This is especially critical in calculating a driver's schedule as pre-loads remove an entire leg from a load.
When creating an order:
Viewing a load's detail pop-up:
Indicator on a load card

Build an assign groups schedule with estimated travel times

We're super excited about this feature! The application can now use all the information from the assign group's loads and build a time-schedule for the driver's day. You can now re-order any of the loads inside the assign group to help hone the schedule. Through this, we can also provide an estimated start-time for that assign group to ensure that first day's load is on-time. Additionally, we're able to estimate the time the driver will return to the yard and their hours of service for that day. As the day progresses and loads are completed, the schedule adjusts to the actual times to help give you an accurate picture of the driver's day.
To help visualize this, we've added an "end of day" card to the assign group: 
And lots of details inside the load detail pop-up:
Once a load has been completed, the schedule re-calculates based on the completed load. The completed time can be edited inside the load detail pop-up. This helps to provide an accurate picture as the day progresses, for example, this load was delivered much earlier than originally scheduled:

Assign Group Detail pop-up

To help understand a driver's schedule, we've added a pop-up that shows a map of their expected travel route. This is accessed by clicking the number to the left of the Assign groups. We'll continue to add features to this detail view as well, but this helps the dispatcher understand a driver's planned schedule and route for the day:

Various other fixes and enhancements

We've corrected some errors that surfaced in September and the application continues to get faster and more reliable to use.

As always, please reach out if you run into any issues!

The Qmora Team

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