October 2017 - Pony Rustler Carbon

Release notes for October 26th, 2017 "Pony Rustler Carbon"

PDF Export Update

The PDF export will now display "[Preload] {Companyname}" in the Pickup area when a pre-load is selected for the first round.

Default Sort

Updated default sorting on dispatch to seniority sorting.

Load Status Card

With this release, the load card will now tell you if the load is going to be early or late based on the calculated times.  Currently, a Green dot means +/-15 Minutes, a Yellow dot is greater than 15 minutes but less than 45 minutes, anything over 45 minutes is Red.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed sidebar not opening when adding a new customer.
- Fixed ability to edit loading and unloading times. 
- Fixed duplicate loads showing up on order cards.
- Fixed apparent random assignment of loads on dispatch.

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