November 2017 - Spearfish

Release notes for the November 2017 "Spearfish" update to Qmora.

Placing Loads on Hold

We know that sometimes the day doesn't go as planned, loads are canceled all the time and sometimes are even added back to an order if the weather changes. In this month's release, we've replaced the option to cancel a load to now placing that load on hold. This enables you to know when an order for the day has changed, and re-activate those loads as needed when the customer calls back in. We've built-in two different ways to manage the status of load:

Through the Load Details
Through the Order Details sidebar

Improvements to Schedule Estimations

In the previous release, we introduced timing and schedule estimates. This is a super powerful feature, but it was a little slow to load all the schedule data from our mapping provider. This month's update is now smarter about how often the mapping data is fetched and does a better job of storing the data. The calculations should now feel almost instant, and other dispatchers will see the updated directions in real-time.

Load Step Through in Load Details

Login Page Redesign

In this release, we've updated the design and functionality of the login page. We've also improved the experience of resetting a password. It's the little things that count!

As always, lets us know if you have any questions or issues by emailing us a

Spearfish by Salsa Cycles

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