December 2017 - Beargrease

Release notes for the December 2017 "Beargrease" update to Qmora.


We are proud to announce we have added an entirely new module to Qmora, Billing.  This release is our first step in allowing businesses to look deeper into the data we collect and start comparing the revenue generated on a daily basis to the time drivers spend generating the revenue.  

Fuel Surcharge Schedules

Manage mileage or percentage based fuel surcharge schedules at a per job level.  Click  Here for instructions on setting them up.


Enter rates based on the pickup location and product at the job level. Click  Here for instructions on setting them up.

Enter Load Infomation for Billing

Enter Bill of Lading numbers, Tonnage Hauled, Confirm Rates, and Confirm Fuel Surcharge schedules on a per load basis. Click  Here for an example.

Enter Daily Driver Time

Enter hours worked for each driver based on the dates, automatically loading their assigned start time. Click  Here for an example.


Compare the hours worked by a driver per day vs the revenue generated by that driver.  This allows companies the ability to monitor their profitability in near real-time detail. Click Billing & Reporting -->Reporting and Group by Driver to access this data.

Billing Export

Export out your billing for the week to an Excel file.  After selecting a data range under the reporting tab you can click the Download Report to generate an Excel file with all the details, with each sheet having a different customers loads.

As always, lets us know if you have any questions or issues by emailing us a

Beargrease by Salsa Cycles

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