January 2018 - Spearfish Carbon

Release notes for the January 2018 "Spearfish Carbon" update to Qmora.

Layout & Visual Updates

Qmora received a visual update and some minor layout changes in advance of our demo at World of Concrete, Spearfish Carbon brings these updates to all Qmora users.

  • Updated Manage section to take users directly to the Customer Section
  • Driver hours now truncate to a single decimal point
  • Billing navigation labels update
  • Billing table styling update
  • Dispatch styling update
  • Update create assign group drag-and-drop
  • Added cursor to list-items
  • Removed User Settings link in Header, for now
  • Updated the global 'Very Light Gray' color
  • Added CSS Grid sizing for Cards in Manage

Dispatch Mini-Sidebar

We've added a mini-sidebar to the dispatch page. This bar replaces the complete collapsed sidebar with a narrow strip. This strip will fill with loads when they come in, giving the dispatcher an easy, and immediate, view of any new orders that come in during the workday.


  • Fixed an issue where dragging a load from a driver to the sidebar would not allow the load to be dropped if there were no more available loads for that day.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the `pointer` cursor would not display on `list-item` lists

Let us know if you have any questions or issues. You can reach us by email at support@qmora.com, or direct message us at @QmoraSupport

Spearfish by Salsa Cycles

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